My First Lesson

Ok If you have never been to a karate class before lets give you the heads up.


You don’t need a uniform immediately, just some comfortable looses clothing such as tracksuit/jogger bottoms and a t-shit

No Shoes (bare feet)

No Jewellery

Long Hair tied back

Bring a drink with you – bottled water is best

The lessons are taught in Japanese you’ll soon pick up the lingo

When you enter or leave the training room (Dojo) stop at the door face into the room bow and say “Osu”

You will hear the word ‘OSU’ a lot, its a karate word and loosely means you understand,

however the true meaning is;

“Osu” is made up of two kanji, “o” meaning to “push” which symbolises one hundred percent effort and “su” means to “endure”. Combined, “osu” is a pledge to do one’s best and endure.

Always address the Instructor as ‘Sensei’ and never by his/her name.

If you are late to a lesson never just join in always site by the side (in view of the instructor) and wait to be invited into the class.

Whats all the bowing about: Its just the Japanese equivalent of shaking hands

If you train hard the following day you may feel a little stiff or sore don’t worry its normal

Don’t worry, remember your Sensei had a first lesson once!